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Chamber Level

The chamber level includes both House and Senate chambers, clerk's offices and other support offices, as well as the Auditorium, Legislative Reference Bureau Library, security, snack shop, and ATM machine.

Rotunda/Entry Level (no map)

The street level entry to the Capitol Building features an open rotunda and public entry to the galleries of the House and Senate chambers.

2nd Floor

The Second floor includes Senators' offices and meeting rooms.

3rd Floor

The Third floor includes Representatives' offices and meeting rooms.

4th Floor

The Fourth floor includes Public Access Room, Legislative Reference Bureau, Speaker and President's offices, and House and Senate offices

5th Floor

The Fifth floor contains the Governor's and Lieutenant Governor's offices.

Senate Chamber Seating

Seating chart for Senators in the Senate chamber

House Chamber Seating

Seating chart for Representatives in the House chamber

Hawaii State Capitol

Getting to Know Your Hawaii State Capitol

A short video with information on how to get here, where to park, what's located on each floor, and shots of the building's unique architecture.

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